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Demystifying Recent Vaping Injuries

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Demystifying Recent Vaping Injuries

Recent events in the US revolving around injury and death ‘caused by e-cigarettes’ has been hitting the media with click baity article titles and has lead to a great deal of misinformation and instilled fear in both existing users of e-cigarettes as well as those currently looking to transition from cigarettes to a safer alternative.  That subject of safety has been brought into question by the misrepresentation of evidence by media and social posts.

Yesterday, DVine Laboratories released an extremely well written article about this exact subject on their facebook page to help demystify the shroud that has been cast over this industry.  (You can read the full article here: https://www.facebook.com/DvineLabs/posts/1788198831323841?__tn__=K-R)  In the article, Mike Meatheral, CEO of DVine Labs talks about certain ingredients and chemicals that have not been present in e-liquid for several years for this exact reason.

What is most interesting about how the media has presented this is that the product in question isn’t even e-liquid; it’s CBD/THC oils that have had Vitamin E Oils added.  Presumably, this oil has been added to these products to thicken the product to make it appear more desirable.  As a word of caution, you should never modify your vaping product in any way, especially with non-water soluble oils.  Some products/substances are perfectly safe to consume/ingest in liquid forms but have very harmful or life-threatening affects after being converted into a vapour.  Please remember to continue purchasing your vaping supplies from a reputable source.

True North Vapor took a stance more than seven years ago to have harmful substances, even if only suspected, removed from any e-liquids we produced and sold.  I specifically remember food colouring being a topic of concern and our head of Research and Development working with flavouring companies to ensure that no trace of concerning materials were left in any of the raw materials we used.  Being one of the first to have our products manufactured in a certified and clean facility, we have always been a leader in the industry for safety and bottle compliance long before government regulations begin enforcing things like CCCR-2001 and Bill S-5.

While ignoring our competitors and naysayers, our stance has been, and always will be, to provide a safer alternative to cigarettes to Canadians.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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