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UPDATED: COVID-19 and Possible Shipping Delays - An F.A.Q.

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UPDATED: COVID-19 and Possible Shipping Delays - An F.A.Q.

By this point, I suspect everyone is aware of COVID-19 and the effects it is having on many facets of your lives.  Even still, I wanted to take a few minutes to educate on what we’re doing to slow the spread of this virus while also maintaining the highest level of service possible in the vaping industry.  So, lets go through some of the frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving and address them one at a time. (If this is too much to read, there is a short summary at the end)

Am I still able to buy product online?

Yes!  The CEO and I both agreed that the decision to either shut down or remain open was far too big for both of us to make when individuals and their families were concerned.  We had a group meeting with all our staff to discuss who wanted to remain working, who could effectively work from home and what are we going to do to keep each other safe.  Unanimously, we all agreed that the last thing consumers need is their supply of e-liquid to become non-existent during a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Further to that, most of the manufacturers who bottle our e-liquid are also remaining open and some have even taken on contracts to bottle hand sanitizer to assist with the global shortage.  For the foreseeable future, there is no reason to believe we will be unable to continue to supply consumers with e-liquid products.

Am I still able to buy in store?

For safety reasons, the vape shop and warehouse are closed to the public.  However, we have still found two solutions to enable local clientele the ability to procure product.

  1. Our online store now has an option for ‘local pickup’. Simply place your order and select ‘Local Pickup (Brantford, Ontario)’ and await your confirmation email from us.  In that email, we will restate the hours in which we are in the warehouse and our physical location.  Simply arrive and ring the doorbell, show your ID matching the order and proof of age and we will hand you your online order.
  2. Show up and ring the doorbell. As associate will step outside where it is easier to maintain social distancing and discuss your needs.  We also have a mobile debit/credit terminal for your convenience as well that is sanitized before and after every transaction.

The above option is no longer available due to a recent change made by the Ontario Government. Curbside pickup is no longer allowed in our industry. However, we have recently added local delivery as an option. If you reside in BRANTFORD, ONTARIO, we are doing daily deliveries through the week.

What are you doing to keep staff and customers safe?

The same standard recommended by Health Canada, the FDA and the World Health Organization.  Washing our hands often, disinfecting common surfaces including door handles, doorbell buzzer, debit terminal, products, etc.  Any staff showing symptoms or who have reason to believe they may have come into contact with someone who could test positive will self isolate.

How will this effect the shipment of my order?

It could be affected in a couple of ways.  First is that you should expect delays, although this will not always be true with every order.  Canada Post has temporarily lifted the time guarantee on parcel shipments due to the following points:

  • The worker compliment is not at 100%, some staff are in self isolation
  • Scanning practices at every location is not in effect. If you are following your tracking number (or have yet to receive one) and see is has not left a certain depot for a while, that information may not be up to date.  In order to offset the shipping delay, not all parcels are being scanned at each hub.
  • Canada Post is also not knocking on every door to check ID and get a signature to drop off. Instead, they are leaving a slip in your mailbox or on your door instructing you to go to your nearest Post Office or affiliate to retrieve your parcel (You will still need ID showing your address and proof of age).  We sent an email to everyone on our client list on Friday, March 20th when we learned about this change.
  • Lastly, there could be delays causes by hardware stock levels. Since the vast majority of hardware comes from China, certain products have been difficult to restock.  Should an item be out of stock, we do try to update our website with that information as quickly as possible to set expectations before you reach your checkout.  However, in the event that several people order the same product around the same time, we’re giving priority in which the orders have come in.  Our staff will reach out to you with any stock issues to set expectations on its approximate arrival or find an alternative solution.

I hope this answers most questions that you may have.  Just to sum everything up:

  • Online store is OPEN and products are being shipped.
  • Retail store is here for local pickup and service is being provided at a safe distance outside.
  • There may be some delays with shipping, order earlier than usual.
  • We’re doing everything in our power to keep our staff and you safe.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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