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Company Feature: Part 9 - One Up Vapor

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Company Feature: Part 9 - One Up Vapor

 Sometime in the spring of last year, not long before CVE Toronto, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mando from One Up Vapor.  He was kind enough to send us a couple boxes of samples from both One Up and their Emoji line (later to be re-branded to Rivals).  It was this elegant looking display that sort of reminded me of a high end cigar box.


Both boxes featured some of their biggest hits, including Orgasm (Renamed to Original here in Canada) which is actually an award winning best overall flavour from Zample box.  Orgasm is a Watermelon and Guava blended with tropical fruits; this is a flavour that every fruit lover needs to try!


After deciding to add both One Up and Rivals to the True North Vapor lineup, I was introduced to Dustin from One Up Vapor, who assisted with the process of creating Canadian Compliant labels with our graphics team.  When it comes to label design, Dustin is one of the geniuses in this industry; he had a very particular look he wanted to achieve with the redesign.  Looking at the bottles now, I am personally very pleased with how the labels turned out.  The foil printed design is extremely eye catching and elegant.



Starting today, all products from both One Up and Rivals will be going on sale for a very short time.  If you haven't had a chance to try anything from these two iconic brands, this is your chance to get your hands on some unforgettable flavours at a fantastic price.  Whether you like fruits, deserts or cereals, One Up and Rivals has something for everyone.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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