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Company Feature: Part 5 – Maddog E-liquid

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Company Feature: Part 5 – Maddog E-liquid

For a very large portion of our company’s existence, we survived solely on the sales of our house lines.  A little over two years ago now, we were approached by the team at Maddog Juice to carry their products as well.  At the time, my predecessor was running the show, but I can only imagine how foreign that idea would have seemed after operating for so long on our own products.

Looking back on that decision now that we carry over 90 brands, that was the first stepping stone to growing to where we are today.  I first met David, Andrew and Tennille at CVE Toronto 2018.  Having only talked with them on the phone, it was great to put a face to the voice and hang out with the crew.  You’d be hard pressed to find a team of people who are so willing to work with other companies for the growth of everyone.

Maddog is just as relevant now, if not more, than they were back when we first started carrying the Big Boy Vape Co and Drippers Paradise lines.  As of today, those lines have grown since their original inception by adding Big Lush and Big Squeeze to Big Boy Vape Co as well as Dragon Fire to the Drippers Paradise line.

Today you can also find additional fantastic lines from the brilliant minds at Maddog Juice.  If you’re a champagne fan, check out the award-winning Villa Boudoir, a flavour as elegant as the bottle artwork itself.  If you fancy something a little more sweet and refreshing, check out Blue Ballz, Manic Melonz or Cold Peachez from the World Famous Mr Z’s line.  Straying completely away from those profiles, Va Bajo is an eliquid that is actually derived from a very famous cigar. They even have your salt nic needs covered with Liquid Salt.

The point is, regardless of what your flavour profile preference is, you can get anything from tobacco to desserts from this crew.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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