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Budget VS Premium E-Liquids – What’s the real difference?

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Budget VS Premium E-Liquids – What’s the real difference?

If we took a snapshot of the e-liquid industry 5+ years ago in Canada, there was an interesting discrepancy with the definition of what a “Premium” product was.  To most people it meant that it was a product produced in a proper clean lab, but they would pay a little more money for the assurance that it wasn’t made in someone’s bathtub.  Perhaps that process was never really a reality, but the fact remained that we could never be certain.

As time went on, more and more products were being produced with a higher regard for cleanliness and consistency and the definition changed.  That’s when we moved into an era where budget lines were simply products that were made with low quality or cost effective flavouring to keeps the prices down and premium products were about sparing no expense to get the perfect flavour on multiple levels.  Premium lines boasted about having different flavours on the inhale and exhale.  Of course, there was a third class of products that sat right in the middle in terms of cost and quality too.

When new regulations were added, the products that were between the Budget and Premium lines slowly started to vanish and the premium products lowered into that medium price range.  As of late, I’ve been a pretty big believer of that fact that there really isn’t such a think as a ‘premium’ e-liquid based on the current definition.  As a consumer, if you are paying the ‘average price’ for a product, you’re very likely to end up with something pretty special.  If you’re paying a price that makes you think “That’s a great deal!” then you’ll probably be just as happy that you didn’t break the bank.

So, what really is the difference aside from the price point?  Well, taste is very subjective.  Are you one of the lucky ones who can save five or six dollars/bottle and be perfectly happy with your purchase?  Or are your taste buds so refined that you can’t settle for anything less than the very best?

In either case, I’d suggest taking a look at our Door Crashers and Blowout Sale going on for the summer.  There are countless premium e-liquids being sold at budget pricing for no other reason than to really showcase a premium product at a fraction of the cost.  So regardless of what your taste buds tell you, give your wallet a break and try out some of these heavily discounted products before the sale ends.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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