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Blue Slushy VS Blue Raspberry, etc

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Blue Slushy VS Blue Raspberry, etc

Many who read these articles know that we provide product direct to consumers as well as other retailers.  One of the biggest objections we get on the wholesale end is “Well, we already have an (insert flavour here) on our shelves.”  So the question then is, why do we have so many duplicate flavours over multiple brands in our catalogue?

Before I get into the answer, I just want to put in perspective how many different blue slushy/raspberry flavours we have.


Salt Nic aside, I sure hope I haven’t missed anything, but by that count there are 19 different Blue Raspberry/Blue Slushy flavours we have.  The key word in that line though is ‘DIFFERENT’.  So, reason number one is very simply this: Taste is Subjective.  When customers come into our retail shop, we hear things like “MAXX Blue is by far the best Blue Raspberry.”   Then the very next customer will say the exact same thing, but with a different product from the list above.

The other reason we carry so many ‘duplicate’ flavours is more from a retail perspective.  We service retailers across Canada.  Most shops have limited space, and thus are limited to the number of products they can physically offer.  It’s significantly more common for a retail store to bring in 20 different product brands in full compliment than to carry 40 incomplete brands to round out all flavour profiles.  For this reason, when we bring in a new brand, we choose to carry the full compliment as well.

The last reason comes down to certain nuances and how they can affect Blue Raspberry overall.  Dirty takes Blue Raspberry and mixes it with a Lemon-Lime soda.  Tailored Sharks Blue more emulates the Shark Gummy candies.  More Please from Cloudmouth is a Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy.  This is just to name a few.

If you’re curious what I’m talking about, try it out for yourself.  Grab a few different flavours from the list I mentioned and see if you truly believe we offer 19 ‘duplicate’ flavours; the difference isn’t as subtle as you might believe.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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