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Battery Safety Refresher Course

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Battery Safety Refresher Course

Too many times have we had customers come into the shop with the plastic skin of their batteries peeling back to reveal sad, naked underbellies. It makes us wonder if some vapers are still unfamiliar with the ins and outs of basic battery care. Sure, all kits come with battery safety cards but we know how exciting it can be to rip into a new kit and ask questions later (or never)! We have put together a refresher course for those of you still rocking peeling, dented, tired batteries in your mods... Safety first!


Peeling wrappers -


When the coloured overwrap begins to split and peel off from your batteries, it's time to get them rewrapped! This is a low-cost and quick solution to taking better care of your batteries! With a standard heat gun and a tiny bit of patience, you can have your batteries redressed and looking good as new in under five minutes! This is arguably one of the most overlooked safety precautions with the easiest fix.


Denting -


Concavity on either end of your batteries is normal after prolonged use. However, if your positive side looks exceptionally dented, it may be time for a new battery! Don't overlook superficial damage like dents and scores that can lead to punctures or leaking. A leaking battery can destroy a mod in no time at all. Save a mod, buy a new set of batteries!


Storage - 


Storing your batteries properly should be common knowledge but all too often we've witnessed batteries jangling around in pockets and purses with coins and all manner of metallic detritus. This can cause batteries to heat up, leak, short out or even explode. Plastic battery cases or silicone sleeves can and will save your batteries!


Extreme temperatures - 


The chemicals inside batteries are sensitive to temperature. Leaving batteries in your car in the Summer or Winter can cause damage such as corrosion or a shorter life span. Exposing batteries to prolonged subzero temperatures can slow them down as the electrons inside freeze and can cause permanent damage. Overheating comes with its own mess of problems— shortage, rupturing and leaking. Store batteries at room temperature at all times.


External charging VS. USB charging -


Most vape device kits come with a USB cable and can be used to charge your batteries, however, charging them by this method can be lengthy and may not get your batteries up to a full 100% charge. An external battery charger comes in handy when you have more than one dead cell and need to charge them efficiently. Most external chargers nowadays have an auto-off feature that stops the batteries from overcharging and to protect from electrical surges. USB ports in your device can be subject to damage as well and should be reserved for firmware updates only.


Written by: JL Porto


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