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Another Blue Razz

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Another Blue Razz

Back in mid-February this year, I published an article about all the different Blue Slushies/Blue Raspberry e-Liquids we have available (https://www.truenorthvapor.com/blogs/news/blue-slushy-vs-blue-raspberry-etc).  The purpose of the article at the time was to showcase that despite taste being very subjective, there are very clearly some popular flavours that the general public tends to statistically gravitate towards.  Each of the examples listed in that article all had something just a little bit different that set them apart, but the foundation of the flavour was the same.

About a month ago, Gold Seal E-Liquid launched a new flavour both in 30 and 60mL called “Another Blue Razz”, sort of poking fun of the idea that every brand has a flavour like that.  We expected it would do well, but we didn’t anticipate that it would be a fast potential contender for the top 10.  With nearly 1000 flavours in our catalogue now; that’s some serious bragging rights.

The timing for it’s launch couldn’t have been better.  With everything happening in the news and the scare with contaminated THC cartridges, consumers have been looking for a more stable pillar to stand on for their vaping needs.  Since the birth of Gold Seal E-Liquid back in 2011, we’ve been leaders in the industry on both manufacturing standards as well as transparent labelling of our products.  Because of this, it’s no surprise to see vapers shifting to Gold Seal products while they await more clarification on the market.

In the midst of all of the propaganda surrounding e-liquids right now, we still maintain the position that every brand we carry is free of the questionable products that are affecting the black-market THC cartridges that have been causing lung/respiratory issues.  Gold Seal in specific will continue to expand its lineup to include some of the more common flavours to provide everyone more choices if they are making that switch.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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